To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter to tell you how pleased that we the Dixie School District are to have the Barbier Security Group working for us. They have made a huge impact on cutting down on our vandalism at our school sites. They go out of their way to make sure that doors and windows are secure and have even secured them for us or have contacted a District employee to do so.

The Barbier Group are a very responsible and professional company that will go out of their way to make sure that our sites are safe and secure and they always follow up with very detailed reports of the events which happened during their shift. We have tried other security companies and have never had the results that we have obtained with the Barbier Security Group.
— Tim Walsh Director of Building & Grounds

Saint Mark’s School, like all schools, has had its share of strangers roaming the campus at all hours of the day and night when the school was not open. We would find signs of skateboarders and BMX cyclists, vandalism, graffiti and in a few instances breaking and entry and robbery. Saint Mark’s has installed many deterrents (e.g. security alarms, security cameras, lighting, etc.) over the years, but with little known effect. We hired Barbier Security Group; in July 2006. We have never had a situation where one of their security agents did not show up on the required date.

The Barbier Group provides us with a “Weekly Activity Report” highlighting the date, time and any activity they witnessed during the weeks shift. Based on these “Activity Reports”, we became aware of incidents that we had no idea were going on at the school when no one was around. The “Activity Reports” provide a record that has clearly shown the presence of these security agents has resulted in a significant decline in incidents. Last, but not least, our community (parents, faculty and neighbors) is pleased knowing there are security agents securing our facilities.
— Bill Moore Director of Plant Operations

To Whom It May Concern

When I took over the Property Management of the Montecito Plaza Shopping Center and the two adjacent office buildings, this area was experiencing problems with graffiti, vandalism, and some issues with homeless individuals drinking and using drugs behind the buildings and other sheltered locations. We also had occasional challenges with gangs from other areas resulting in fights with the local students.

Since Barbier Security Group has been on the job, those issues have been diminished considerably, and in some cases, eliminated completely.

The Barbier personnel are courteous, efficient, well trained and competent to handle any situation that should arise. I frequently receive compliments from the merchants and customers on the positive and helpful presence that the Security Officers present.

Their professionalism is unmatched in the field of private security in the Bay Area, and I do not hesitate to recommend them.
— Sue McCullough Property Manager